"Why do we fight so much?"

you said.



...it's because i'm insecure...


"But me and 'her' was before we started"

you said



"She's that pretty and she has an attractive boyfriend, why would she get involved with me?"

you said



"Is the girl in picture as pretty as 'her'?"

you said



"She doesn't eat as much as you"

you said





these words always lurk in my thoughts




i know the thing between you two happenned before you and me


but if you used to like her


and, not long ago, you were with her


then i can't help but wondering


where did i come in?



i know when my feelings started


but i dont know yours


i'm not sure how your feelings just move on from her to me that fast


when you just ended with her




and i can't help but think in the back of my head


that the only reason why we are together


is may be because it didn't work out between you and her


and isn't the feeling of being just a back-up plan for someone


a solid ground for feeling so insecure?






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